Introducing UE Active Seating

“Active sitting” has proven to be beneficial to health and wellbeing of office workers. For decades we have talked about and experienced back issues as a serious problem. Well-designed ergonomic task chairs allow for motion and movement and thus can reduce the back strains and pains. UE Active Seating are unique stools, perch, sit-stand solutions that allows for beneficial movement; sitting/perching in varying positions and at different heights prevents built-up of lactic acids and muscles from fatiguing, reduces the risks of back problems.


Come together – no matter where. The uebobo are light and easy to move where you want to be. No need to book a meeting room. Just come together where the action is! Swift, casual and smart.


Sitting or perching with clean lines and unobtrusive design – PC 0003 is ready for business!


Same functionality as PC0003 but comes with a handle – very practical to move around the office.

Sitting or Perching?

Interact with colleagues or perch behind a sit-stand desk

Exercise back muscles

Short to medium duration perching

Concentrated on work

Relax the feet and legs

Medium duration sitting

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